Zack Hudgins for State Representative


Zack believes that Washington should set the standard for election integrity for the nation.

Zack commits to a vibrant open conversation with voters about what they want and need from our elections officials, such as more permanent drop boxes, and better outreach for communities of color and low English proficient voters. 

Zack currently serves Washington’s 11th legislative district – which includes the state’s most diverse zip codes.  He is most proud of his work on bi-partisan legislation protecting the environment, helping small businesses, creating opportunity for young people and balancing the budget.  As chair of the Government oversight appropriations committee, Zack reviews state agency budgets and IT projects.

From Iraq to Ukraine and India to Indonesia, Zack has taught people about free and fair elections.  In 2004, he lived outside the “Green Zone” helping the Interim Iraqi National Congress prepare for the first free elections in that nation as a Senior Program Manager with the National Democratic Institute.

Years in the High Technology industry at and Microsoft taught Zack insight needed to assure professionalism and accountability are part of every new application of technology in the elections office, which should clearly focus on the services and standards critical to voter confidence.

Zack is married to Gabriela Quintana and they are parents to a young son. Zack has been endorsed by elected officials, environmentalists, organized labor, and women's groups.

Please vote for Zack Hudgins for State Representative