Zack for Director of King County Elections

Cut and paste if your organization has endorsed Zack!

Not many people talk about the Director of Elections campaign, but it may be the most important race on the ballot this year. We have endorsed Zack Hudgins because he has the experience in both the public and private sector that will help him to fix the problems facing the office. Voter participation is at a record low, there are not enough ballot drop boxes around King County, and 2% of all ballots sent back to the office are not counted.

Voter turnout has seen a steady decline reaching a new low with only 24% of active King County Voters participating in this August's Primary elections. This is unacceptable. If we want a more representative and vibrant democracy, we must demand leadership that will aggressively tackle the crisis of voter participation. 

King County is providing only 10 permanent ballot drop boxes for a population of over 2 million. Pierce County has 3 times as many locations as King for half the population. Spokane County partners with its local libraries. There are better options in other counties, and we must do better for our democracy to grow and thrive in King County.

According to the Office of Elections' 2014 Annual Report, just over 2% of ballots are rejected in every election. This added up to over 32,000 ballots in 2014. King County's rejection rate is about 4 times worse than Pierce County. Pierce County rejects only .6%; Thurston County averages .4%.

Please support Zack in the November General Election because we can do better!