Every Ballot With a Problem is Someones Voice

LaQuesha, Federal Way  

“In school you’re taught that you have a voice. You get excited to turn 18 because your voice matters, you’re supposed to get to vote. I have that right to voice my opinion. My ballot has been rejected three times in the past few years and each time I haven’t heard anything from King County Elections until way after Election Day, when it’s already too late. It’s frustrating because my signature looks exactly the way it does on my driver’s license and I return my ballot soon after I receive it. I should be able to trust that my vote was counted.” 

William, Seattle  

"I'm surprised my ballot was rejected.  No one told me.  I think it's bad that I didn't even know that my vote didn't count.  I think there needs to be a better system in place."

Evan, Seattle 

“I’m a regular voter, I follow the directions every time and I’d never had a problem with my ballot in the past. Having my ballot rejected over a perceived false signature as a well-established and proven voter is ridiculous and makes it clear that changes need to be made to the process. As a voting American, this is a fundamental right I want to be counted for and retain for others as well. I had my doubts about going to an all vote by mail system in the first place. Having my ballot rejected hasn’t helped build my confidence in this system at all.” 

Martha, Burien  

“My signature has changed with age, and I have had it rejected.  Luckily, I always do a ballot drop right after receiving it, and was able to submit a correction in time.  What about those who wait longer?  Why should they be disenfranchised?”

Seattle City Council Candidate Lorena Gonzalez 

“As the August Primary Election approached, I began to worry as I had not yet received my ballot in the mail. When I called King County Elections to find my ballot, the response was, 'It's only a Primary Election.' We need leadership in King County Elections that values every election and ensures that every voice is heard.”

Sylvia, Federal Way  

“I live in a senior housing community and we know more than most the importance of living on a strict budget. When King County moved the Federal Way ballot drop box across town from our community it increased the burden to vote even more on myself and my neighbors.”

Belinda, SeaTac

“I didn't know that my ballot was rejected and I never heard from King County Elections that there was a problem with my signature. I worry that problems like these could open the Department of Elections to serious issues of fraud.”

Brianna, West Seattle  

"In the August primary, I had not received my ballot so I called King County Elections only to find out that my name had been added to the Inactive Voter Roll. They did get me a new ballot, but were unable to explain how this could have happened in the first place. I’m an over educated voter; about the process, about timelines, about everything. I am anything but INACTIVE!  If I hadn't been paying attention the election would have come, gone and despite being a registered voter I would have missed the chance for my voice to be heard, and my vote to be counted.”

April, Bellevue 

“Can't a person change the way they do their signature?  I wish they could make it as easy as possible to vote.  Take out all the layers of bureaucracy that don't add value.  I'm disappointed that the bureaucracy made it so I didn't have a say."

Karolyn, Auburn 

“King County Elections sent my ballot back because there was a problem with my signature. It had never happened before so I wasn’t sure why it had happened this time. I do know that by the time I received notice, it was already too late to correct the issue and my vote didn’t end up counting.”