Wear pants to vote!

One night in December of 1970 my parents took me out to see the Christmas lights in downtown while their clothes tumbled in a laundromat.  When they returned, their clothes had been stolen.  It is never a good thing to have your clothes stolen, but especially so when you are young students, when you had gone a while between washes so all your clothes were suddenly gone, and when you are expecting a baby in 1970.

At the time my mom worked for the US Treasury and they didn’t allow women to wear pants to work.  My pregnant mom had to ask the US Treasury if she could wear pants to work because she didn’t have a dress to wear. They let her, and my mom says she is the first woman to wear pants to work at the US Treasury.

It might be hard to remember that during my lifetime interracial couples couldn’t marry, that many people were denied their right to vote with poll taxes, and that women couldn’t wear pants to work.

In our nation, things change because people demand action through their ballot.

Our greatness as a country does not come from our perfection, but rather our arguments, debates and attempts at perfection. “In order to form a more perfect union…” means we want better. We want better for our kids, and our communities, and our future.

Please vote all the way down your ballot because your voice and your vote matter. And those down ballot races are important.

We will move forward towards a more perfect union through our votes.

Please get your ballot in before 8pm today.

Thank you for the honor and privilege of serving as a State Representative from the 11th District.


Other important information:
You can track your ballot here. I also suggest you NOT drop your ballot in a USPS mailbox, but rather a drop box.

If you want to make a last minute donation to my campaign, we can take them until the first week of December. Donate here.

Election Results can be found -- Here for King County. Here for Statewide races.

Thank you again for all of your support in this campaign!