Thank You!

We are headed to the General Election! 

With the legislative session lasting 176 days – the longest in Washington’s history – our campaign wasn’t at full speed until mid-July. Despite having to wait until only THREE DAYS before ballots went out in the mail, we still managed to reach out to voters at over 70 parades, events, community gatherings, legislative district meetings and festivals in 25 different cities around King County.

All in just 24 Days.

As a result of this hard work, voters all across King County met me, read about me, and voted for me. It is an honor to have earned their trust and it means that even more voters can be won over in November.

With your continued support we will get out our message and win the general election. Why? Because we're going to turn out voters who are tired of record low voter participation; tired of hunting for one of only ten permanent ballot drop boxes around the county; tired of a culture in the current administration that thinks good enough is good enough. When 2.5% of all ballots returned by voters are not counted, that's not good enough for us. We can and must do better.

We cannot thank you enough for every word of encouragement, every high five on a parade route and every vote cast.

We'll keep working hard to earn your support!