King County Elections Resources

Follow the links below to learn more about rejected ballots and turnout from official King County Elections reports.

Annual Report 2014:

  • See pages 3 and 4 for recent turnout figures
  • See page 5 to research ballots that were rejected and not counted

King County Elections certifies and reports each election in what are called Reconciliation Reports. These documents include various totals from each election including turnout and rejected ballots. After the 2004 General Election, the Legislature required Reconciliation Reports in order to provide an apples to apples comparison across counties.

Reconciliation Reports:


Having trouble navigating the King County Elections website? We know, it took us a while to figure it out too. We are happy to provide the reconciliation reports for King, Pierce, Thurston or Spokane Counties upon request. You can reach us at 206-860-9809 or