King County Elections Rejecting 2% of All Ballots

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DID YOU KNOW? King County Elections rejects about 2% of returned ballots in every election. Other counties in Washington reject ballots at a fraction of this rate. To return confidence in the democratic process we must do better.


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According to their 2014 Annual Report, King County Elections is rejecting and not counting just over 2% of ballots sent back to them in every election. That totaled over 32,000 ballots in 2014! For comparison, Pierce County rejects ballots at a rate of just .6%; Thurston County is even lower at .4%. King County should be the statewide model, not leaving 4 times as many ballots uncounted as our regional neighbors. King County Elections is clearly not implementing best practices to ensure we count every ballot. We must do better.


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One in fifty. Those are roughly the odds that a ballot returned in King County will be rejected and not counted after it is sent back to the Elections Office. According to the Office of Elections’ 2014 Annual report, just over 2% of ballots are rejected in every single election. This added up to over 32,000 ballots in 2014. That’s more than most state legislators receive in a competitive race! By comparison, King County’s rejection rate is about 4 times worse than Pierce County. Pierce County rejected only .6%; Thurston County averaged .4%. This is simply not a problem we see in other parts of the state or around the country. A Pew study showed that Washington State ranks 50th in ballot rejection. If we want to restore confidence in the democratic process, we have to start in King County ensuring that every ballot is counted.