Demand More Ballot Boxes

You've taken the time to fill out your ballot but you can't find or don't have any stamps. So where do you go to to drop off your ballot? Your local library? City hall? Perhaps a bank?

In King County, it's none of the above.

There are only ten permanent ballot boxes for almost 2 million people, in King County.

When Pierce County offers 30 ballot boxes, when Thurston County offers 26 and when Spokane County offers 19 it is clear that King County Elections doesn't see the problem.  Years of outcry by the public, and nothing happens.

We need change and we need your help.

To get the word out we're asking people to please share the image above on facebook or twitter so that people know that good enough isn't good enough.

We can do better.


UPDATE: The King County Council has put funding in the County budget for more ballot boxes. They plan to have them in place for the November 2016 general election.