Business and Management Experience

Zack started at in September of 1997 as a customer service representative. At the relatively new company, Zack answered phone calls and responded to emails for customers who were wondering where their stuff was! As the company grew, Zack moved on to the marketing department. The values of top tier customer service were carried with Zack as he entered public service.

As a program and project manager at Zack helped launch over 20 projects or features. He led a team of 20 to Europe to set up a contact center in The Hague, Netherlands. When the team arrived there were 6 people in the building. When they left six months later, there were 385 people supporting websites in the UK, Germany and France for customers all across Europe.

As a contractor at Microsoft, Zack supported two subscription programs for the Latin American Operations Groups. He worked with vendors in California and subsidiaries across Latin America to make sure customers had what they needed.

Working in the high technology sector helped focus his managment skills on getting projects done on time and under budget. Attention to detail and the process were required every day.