The Primary Is Here!

Tomorrow is the Primary Election and we haven't slowed down yet! While the Blue Angels flew over head, we were covering ground continuing to meet voters in their communities all around King County.

The weekend kicked off early Saturday morning where the team met up for coffee before greeting voters in Magnolia for the Summerfest Parade. The route may have been short, but the streets were packed and we were hearing more and more that voters had returned their ballots marked for Zack!

Next, the team headed off to the Central District for the Umoja Fest Parade. Although this parade was longer and hotter, our conversations and interactions were completely energizing! Favorite moments on the route included questions about Washington State's Public Disclosure Commission, increased ballot access for seniors and the cost of postage for return ballots.

On Sunday, our continued "Coffee in your Community" program had us meeting with voters in West Seattle, Columbia City and Greenlake. Although the conversations were sometimes interrupted with the sound of jets overhead, we were happy to have some time one on one with voters as they were making final decisions for their primary ballots.

As we've run around King County and put in the miles and the sweat, every interaction has been rewarding and we hope to keep up the hard work after the primary. 

If you haven't already, be sure to return your ballot no later than Tuesday August 4th. Thank you for your continued support!