2020 Endorsements

A Partial List of Endorsements for my 2020 Re-Election to the State House

I am grateful to all of the organizations and individuals that are supporting my re-election effort.   I wouldn't be able to fight for our community without their help and the support of people across the 11th district. -Zack

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Washington State Labor Council - COPE

IAM 751 - Machinists

United Food and Commercial Workers 21 - Grocery Workers

Iron workers 86

Washington Federation of State Employees

City and County Employees Council 2


SEIU 775 - Healthcare workers

WA State Nurses Association

Washington Education Association - Teachers

SEIU 1199NW - Nurses

Teamsters Joint Council 28

Planned Parenthood Votes NW and HI

WA Stonewall Dems

Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific

Washington Conservation Voters

WA Sierra Club

Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters

Retired Public Employees Council of Washington

NARAL Pro-Choice Washington

Washington Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers

Humane Voters of Washington

Board of Directors for Public School Employees


Elected Officials:

Senator Derek Standford – 1st

Representative Shelley Kloba -1st

Representative Timm Ormsby - 3rd

Representative Marcus Riccelli - 3rd

Senator Mark Mullet – 5th

Representative Bill Ramos - 5th

Representative Lisa Callan - 5th

Representative Steve Bergquist - 11th

Senator Dean Takko – 19th

Representative Strom Peterson - 21st

Senator Sam Hunt – 22nd

Representative Laurie Dolan - 22nd

Representative Beth Doglio - 22nd

Representative Drew Hansen - 23rd

Representative Mike Chapman -24th

Representative Steve Tharinger - 24th

Senator Jeannie Darnielle – 27th

Speaker Laurie Jinkins - 27th

Representative Jake Fey - 27th

Representative Christine Kilduff -28th

Representative Mari Leavitt - 28th

Representative Melanie Morgan - 29th

Representative Steve Kirby - 29th

Representative Jesse Johnson -30th

Senator Jesse Solomon - 32nd

Representative Cindy Ryu - 32nd

Representative Lauren Davis - 32nd

Representative Tina Orwall - 33rd

Representative Joe Fitzgibbon - 34th

Representative Gael Tarleton - 36th

Representative Sharon Tomiko Santos - 37th

Representative Eric Pettigrew - 37th

Senator Rebecca Saldana - 37th

Representative June Robinson - 38th

Representative Mike Sells - 38th

Representative Debra Lakanoff - 40th

Representative Alex Ramel - 40th

Representative Tana Senn - 41st

Representative My-Lihn Thai - 41st

Representative Sharon Shewmake - 42nd

Senator Jamie Pedersen – 43rd

Representative John Lovick -44th

Representative Jared Mead - 44th

Representative Gerry Pollet - 46th

Representative Javier Valdez - 46th

Representative Roger Goodman - 45th

Representative Larry Springer - 45th

Representative Debra Entenman - 47th

Representative Pat Sullivan - 47th

Representative Vandana Slatter - 48th

Representative Sharon Wylie - 49th


Mayor Armondo Pavone - Renton

Council member Randy Corman - Renton

Council member Ruth Perez - Renton

Council member Ed Prince - Renton

Council member Valerie O'Halloran - Renton

Council member Ryan McIrvin - Renton

Council member Angelina Benedetti - Renton

Council member Verna Seal - Tukwila

Council member Kathy Hougardy - Tukwila

Council member Thomas McLeod - Tukwila

Council member Cynthia Delostrinos Johnson - Tukwila

Council member De'Sean Quinn - Tukwila

Council member Kate Kruller - Tukwila

Council member Satwinder Kaur - Kent

Council member Andrew J Lewis - Seattle

Council member Dave Upthegrove - King County

Council member Rod Demboski - King County

Council member Joe McDermott - King County


As well as:

Attorney General Bob Ferguson

Superintendent of Public Instruction Chris Reykdal

Congress member Adam Smith

Congress member Derek Kilmer

Former Representative Ruth Kagi

Former Representative Max Vekich

Former Representative Larry Seaquist

Former Representative Deb Wallace

Former Representative Shay Schual Berke

Former Representative Judy Clibborn

Former Representative Dawn Morrell

Former Representative Dennis Flannigan

Former Representative David Simpson

Former Representative Tim Probst

Former Representative Joan McBride

Former Representative Jeff Morris

Former Representative Deb Eddy

Former Senator/ County Council member Calvin Goings

City Council member Jim Cooper - Olympia

City Council member Ryan Mello - Tacoma

Council Council member Derek Young - Pierce County

Former Councilman Joe Duffie - Tukwila

Former Chief Clerk of the State House - Cindy Zehnder

City Council member Karl de Jong - Sedro-Woolley

Former Representative - Laura Ruderman

Former Representative - Marcie Maxwell