10 Events in 10 Hours

I love the 4th of July. I love the parades with fire trucks and police cars. I love the organizations out in the sun throwing candy. I love the music at the festivals and the fireworks at night. And I love that we celebrate our right to self-determination – we get to decide who represents us.

Every year I am out at Independence Day events and this year our campaign talked with voters at TEN DIFFERENT PARADES AND FESTIVALS from Carnation and Kirkland to Federal Way; and from Seattle and Tukwila to Bellevue.

Everywhere I went I heard people say they wanted more ballot boxes, better cost control, and higher participation. They were tired of 30% turnout in important elections that decide who represents us, if school bonds or levies pass, and what the future of transportation will look like.

I agree.

We need to remove barriers to voting while building on the success of the office. We need to have a robust dialogue with voters about what they want from a Director of Elections – the desire for this dialogue is why 56% of voters in King County made this an elected office.

This week we kicked of our "Coffee In Your Community" program where we'll be continuing this conversation in coffee shops every weekend in July. 

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We'll see you on the trail.